Terms and Conditions



1.1 TRT Express Services LLC provides parcel forwarding services and parcel shipping services from the United States to recipients in Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia and many other countries as set out and listed on our website www.trtshopping.com including but not limited to the delivery of goods from stores located in the United States to recipients outside of the United States.

1.2 Upon registration on the www.trtshopping.com website and utilizing TRT Express Services LLC services, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of services as outlined in this Agreement.  Such terms and conditions of services are subject to change and Customers are encouraged to review TRT Express Services LLC’s Service Provision Agreement in effect at the time that the Customer utilizes the services provided by TRT Express LLC (hereinafter “TRT Express”)

2. Customer Obligations

2.1 The Customer shall comply with all of the terms, conditions and requirements as set out in this document as well as on TRT Express’ web site, www.trtshopping.com concerning the procedures and requirements which apply to shipping packages using the services of TRT Express.

2.2 Upon receiving a request from TRT Express, the Customer shall provide, in a timely manner, all requested information concerning the package and the products (items) which the Customer requests be shipped by TRT Express. The Customer shall also provide all requested necessary information required for completing shipping documents and any information required to perform customs clearance. Furthermore, the Customer must furnish TRT Express with necessary documents to verify the accuracy of the requested and required information.

2.3 In instances involving dangerous or fragile package/cargo, the Customer shall notify TRT Express in advance of the product type via email or by using the notification system in TRT Express user portal and, if applicable, indicate required security measures prior to signing for the package.

2.4 Any package which contains Product(s) which is/are dangerousness may be unloaded and returned to entity which provided such package to TRT Express at the Customer’s cost or destroyed at any time and any place without incurring any obligation or requirement to compensate Customer or any other person or entity, for damages as a result of the destruction of the Product.

2.5 The Customer expressly acknowledges that TRT Express may need to pack or repack the Customer’s goods in order to be in compliance with international shipping requirements.  In such situations the Customer will be advised of any additional costs that they are obligated to pay for additional packaging.

2.6 The Customer or the Recipient, as the case maybe, must inspect the package contents at time of delivery. In the event that the package being delivered is visibly damaged or previously opened, the Customer or the Recipient may refuse acceptance of the parcel and promptly notify the delivery company representative of the alleged damage or of the fact that the package had been previously opened.

If the delivery occurs at a branch location and the delivery company representative is not present, the Customer or Recipient must contact the TRT Express’ hotline and not accept the parcel from the branch until the matter is resolved. Once the parcel has been removed from the branch or the delivering courier, TRT Express shall disclaim responsibility for the quality, defects, or loss of the package contents, i.e., the products.  Claims regarding product damage shall not be considered after delivery, and TRT Express shall not be held liable for potential damage or loss of products from the package.

3. Cost of Transportation, Parcel Size and Weight Rounding, and Payment

3.1 Dimensional weight shall be determined in kg using the formula; kg = Length x Height x Width in cm/6000.

3.2 Physical weight is determined by the actual weight of the package.

3.3 The cost of shipping from the Unites States is calculated by comparing the Dimensional Weight and the Physical Weight of a package.  The larger weight number shall be used to determine shipping cost.

3.4 Payments must be made using the payment methods specified on the www.trtshopping.com website. Failure to comply may result in delays in shipping the package.

3.5 Weight rounding occurs to the nearest 100 grams, and size parameters may have a 5 mm margin of error for boxes.

3.6 The Customer shall pay the invoiced amount for each specific shipment, as calculated by TRT Express calculator.  In case of dispute concerning the package payable weight, the Customer and TRT Express shall use their best efforts to reach an agreement as to the package payable weight no later than 10 calendar days after the package is delivered to the Customer/Recipient.

3.7 In the event of an outstanding balance on the Customer’s account, TRT Express reserves the right to withhold delivery of any other of the Customer’s packages/cargo until all outstanding payments are settled.

3.8 When TRT Express withholds the package/cargo in the American warehouse per clause 3.7, the advance payment will be requested via email or TRT Express portal notification system. Once the payment due amount appears on the Customer’s balance, the package will be shipped on the next available flight.

3.9 The Customer agrees to pay transportation costs regardless of the size and weight of the package.

4. Box Size Reduction Service and Repacking

4.1 TRT Express will remove overly large boxes which add unnecessary cost to international shipments and repack Customer’s goods, adding packaging material for the product’s safe delivery if needed. TRT Express’ advertised fee will be charged for a new box in case of consolidation purchases from different stores or when otherwise required and added to the Customer’s invoice.

4.2 Size reduction service entails minimizing the parcel’s empty space by cutting and folding the box used for shipment of the Customer’s goods. Parcels with an empty space of up to 2 cm on any side of the box shall be deemed reduced.

4.3 A Customer may utilize the parcel repacking service as advertised in Additional Services section on the Customer portal. The parcel repacking service is subject to a fee as advertised, which will be added to the Customer invoice.

4.4 In the event, the Customer does not order any additional packing service, but the product may be damaged during shipping and requires additional packaging, TRT Express will make a decision to add packaging material at its sole discretion to provide for the safety of the product during the cross-border shipping. In such a case the cost for a new box or additional packaging will be added to the Customer’s invoice.

4.5 Clothes arriving at the TRT Express warehouse in a large cardboard box may be placed in a polyethylene bag and their weight will be calculated based on the actual (scale) weight. This service shall not be extended to combined products, depending on the specific safety requirements of the product, such as: clothes and shoes, clothes and cosmetics, etc. Nonetheless, the size of combined products’ parcels shall be reduced as much as possible.

4.6 Manufacturer ‘s shoe factory boxes shall not be opened or discarded, and shoes shall not be repackaged in a bag. However, most shoe boxes shall be shipped without the primary transport box when combining two or more purchases into one parcel for cross border shipping.

4.7 No size reduction shall occur at the expense of removing insulation and safety materials placed within the package and required to safely transport the product.

4.8 No size reduction shall be granted for gift packages or packages containing fragile products and electrical appliances due to security reasons.

4.9 In cases involving fragile products, such as glass, porcelain, and electrical products, the Customer must inform TRT Express of the cargo type in advance, prior to TRT Express receiving the package. If necessary, TRT Express reserves the right to apply additional insulation materials to the package to protect the Customer’s items being transported through TRT Express. Costs associated with additional protective packaging materials shall be determined on an individual basis, subject to prior agreement with the Customer.

4.10 During the box size reduction process, products shall not be compressed, laid down, curled, etc.

5. Courier Services

5.1 The courier shall make one attempt to deliver the package to the address specified by the Customer in the TRT Express Customer portal.

5.2 Prior to arriving at the specified address, the courier will contact the Customer’s registered mobile number to coordinate package delivery. If the Customer fails to receive the message and the Customer is not available to receive the parcel, the courier will return the parcel to the branch, where the Customer will be responsible for picking up the package.

5.3 The Customer may change the delivery address on the website no later than four (4) business days before the parcel’s estimated arrival. Without meeting the time restrictions for the delivery address change, the parcel will not be delivered to the amended address.

5.4 Address changes and redirection to the office via phone call or oral agreement are not permitted.

5.5 To receive the parcel, the Customer must present the recipient’s (the individual whose name and/or surname is listed on the parcel) identification card, passport, or authorization document. Photocopies shall not be accepted. If a third party collects the parcel on behalf of the recipient, that party must also present their identification card, passport, or authorization document.

6. Parcel Transfer to Third Parties at Customer’s Address

6.1 A parcel may be transferred to a third party only if express notice is received from the named Recipient that delivery should be made to the third party and the third party presents their identification card or passport as well as of the recipient of record.

7. Transportation Time, Payment, and Parcel Receiving Period

7.1 The transport duration of a package will depend on its destination country and method of transport selected by the Customer.  As advertised on TRT Express website, transportation time shall be a best estimate, and shall not be considered as guaranteed. Transport time may differ from that specified on the Website for reasons and causes including but not limited to; weekends, official holidays, days on which banking institutions are closed, periods of delays related to a parcel security check, time of customs clearance of parcels, and delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of TRT Express.

7.2 TRT Express shall not bear any liability for any items not delivered as contracted for by the Customer if the non-delivery is partially or fully caused by unforeseen circumstances, also known as Force Majeure events such as: elemental calamities, fire, flooding, epidemic, military actions, strikes, war, actions of state or local government; etc. TRT Express, as soon as practicable, shall give notice to the Customer of such impediment and shall use reasonable efforts to reduce damage and loss caused by such unforeseen circumstances.

7.3 TRT Express shall not be responsible for delivery delays due to flight delays caused by adverse weather conditions, airline schedule changes or cancellations, and/or airline, ocean line, and ground shipment overloading during holiday seasons.

7.4 In the event the Customer refuses to accept a parcel and requests its return, TRT Express shall not send the parcel to an alternative address. The Customer’s parcel may be removed from the warehouse in the United States only by the owner or an authorized third party after notifying TRT Express one business day in advance for a fee of $5.00 (US). A package may also be returned to the seller for a fee of $5.00 (US) plus shipping cost.

7.5 Customers should familiarize themselves with the terms of service provided by TRT Express, including the payment terms for dimensional weight parcels as outlined in paragraph 3, before sending parcels to TRT Express.

8. Parcel Damage or Loss

8.1 Subject to the provisions set out in section 8.2 following, TRT Express shall provide reimbursement to the Customer in an amount equal to that declared by the Customer on its shipping and other documents, in the event of external damage or loss during the provision of international forwarding services, specifically from the TRT Express warehouse in the USA to the destination point. The service does not include the inspection of the products inside the package for damage or functionality.

8.2 In the event of package loss or disappearance, the company assumes financial responsibility in the amount up to $60, or the lesser amount declared by the Customer or the insured value.

8.3 TRT Express disclaims responsibility for product damage if the products were shipped to TRT Express by private individuals, products purchased on eBay or other auctions, repaired, or used products if their external boxes are not visually damaged. However, in the event of the loss of such packages after receipt by TRT Express, it will fully cover the damage, based upon the cost of the products and transportation costs incurred.

8.4 If the package external box is not visually damaged when received by TRT Express, damages will not be compensated for. Further, if the package is not damaged, the Customer/Recipient remains obligated to pay the transportation costs and accept the package regardless of any damage to the contents of the package.

8.5 When claiming damages, the Customer must present a document confirming the product purchase, along with the tracking code assigned by the carrier company, and, in the case of store-bought products, a document confirming the purchase, a statement, or an equivalent document.

8.6 If the loss is confirmed, the refund will be issued to the Customer, within 21 calendar days after confirmation.

8.7 In case of a missing package, loss compensation is provided only if the Customer adds the package tracking code of the carrier who delivered it and TRT Express confirms the receipt of the package by scanning it at its warehouse.

8.8 TRT Express does not accept any responsibility for packages that have not physically been delivered to its warehouse. In the event of a dispute, TRT Express will confirm in writing that the package has not been physically delivered to TRT Express.

8.9 If the delivery of a package by a local courier company to the TRT Express warehouse is disputed by the Customer, TRT Express will make an appropriate inquiry in order to help locate and track the package within two weeks of the written complaint. After this period, it will be considered confirmed that the package has not been delivered to the TRT Express warehouse if the package is not located.

8.10 TRT Express is not responsible for packages if delivery companies or individuals deliver the parcel during non-working hours or leave the parcels by the door or “DOCK area ” without receiving a signature from a TRT Express representative.  Parcels left outside the warehouse or office area will not be considered received by TRT Express and, therefore, in case of parcel loss, TRT Express will not be liable for compensation.

8.11 It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that parcels are delivered to the TRT Express warehouses only during working hours and to request a separate signature of a representative of TRT Express, to confirm the parcel’s delivery to the warehouse.

8.12 Upon receipt of packages at the TRT Express warehouse, TRT Express shall determine the package weight as more specifically described in sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

8.13 TRT Express is not responsible for the package until it is received at the TRT Express’ warehouse.

8.14 Packages that cannot be identified upon receipt by TRT Express (lacking an account number, tracking number, not registered, Customer name etc.,) will be disposed, donated or subject to transfer to the state in accordance with customs legislation. Claims for unidentifiable parcels will not be accepted, and the Company will not be held liable.

9. Customs Clearance

9.1 The Customer bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the information when creating a Request to Ship in TRT Express system. When entering the information on Customs Declaration, the CUSTOMER is obligated to provide the following accurate data:

  • Receiver’s information:
    • Postal code
    • Telephone
    • Address: country, region, city, street, house number, apt. number.
    • Last and first name.
    • Email (if possible).
  • Product Information:
    • Quantity.
    • Detailed description of the items being shipped (without the use of common names).
    • Value (per unit and total).
    • Weblink to the goods (if possible).
    • Seller’s site

If the information in customs declaration is incorrect, the Customer will be charged an additional fee to TRT Express to correct the information. Additional charges will be calculated and paid alongside the shipping cost. Non-payment will result in the parcel not being released to the Customer.

9.2 The Customer is responsible for customs clearance procedures; however, TRT Express will assist the Customer in utilizing simplified customs procedures. If customs require the provision of additional documents or payment of customs duties by the Customer/Receiver for the purpose of customs clearance in the country of destination, then the Customer must provide the required documents. If the Customer refuses to provide the documents or pay the costs related to customs clearance, TRT Express will not deliver the package, the parcel will be considered abandoned.

9.3 Payment of customs fees or provision of additional documents for the purpose of customs clearance is mandatory and must be completed within 2 (two) business days of invoice issuance.

9.4 Should the customs service impose a fine on TRT Express due to the Customer’s full or partial non-compliance with the product declaration requirements, TRT Express reserves the right to charge the Customer for the said fine.

9.5 If TRT Express does not receive a response from the Customer within 10 days, the Customer shall acknowledge that TRT Express has the right to use unclaimed parcel at its own discretion, including, but not limited to disposing, donating to orphanages or shelters, or other charity organizations.

10. Prohibited Items for Transport

10.1 Please refer to the list of prohibited items. If the Customer sends prohibited items, TRT Express disclaims responsibility for transporting the items to the destination country or for the items being confiscated by customs.

10.2 If the Customer nevertheless sends prohibited items to the addresses provided by TRT Express, TRT Express assumes no responsibility for the return of the package to the store or Customer or individual that sent the package. Such a violation constitutes a breach of the terms of service, leading to immediate termination of service and imposition of fines on the Customer, determined by the amount of material damages incurred by TRT Express.

11. Other Limitations and Terms

11.1 All information and terms on the www.trtshopping.com website, including text material from the FAQ section and the Terms of Service page, are accurate and form an integral part of this Agreement. The terms of service constitute an agreement between TRT Express Services LLC and the Customer. Any amendments to these terms are deemed accepted by the Customer upon publication on TRT Express  website or when the Customer utilizes the forwarder’s services (providing the forwarder’s address during package purchase).

11.2 TRT Express is only committed to providing services described on the Terms of Service page.

11.3 The Customer agrees that all documents submitted to receive a package (e.g., identification, passport, bank receipt, payment confirmation, product purchase confirmation, and any other documents related to the shipped package) are accurate and correct, and the Customer is fully responsible for their authenticity.

11.4 An account number without any associated packages will be deemed inactive and canceled after three months from registration.

11.5 The Customer’s personal information is protected. TRT Express Services. LLC will not disclose Customer information to third parties without a court order.

11.6 TRT Express Services, LLC reserves the unilateral right to modify the terms of service or discontinue providing services to the Customer without prior notification via email or the Customer’s personal page if the company has reasons to suspect that the Customer is involved in fraudulent, illegal activity.

11.7 The Customer’s first name and surname cannot be changed after registration without appropriate instructions from TRT Express. Instructions may include presenting identification, email verification, etc.

11.8 In addition to the terms outlined in the contract, the rights and obligations of the TRT Express and the Customer are governed by the applicable laws of the USA and destination country.