Import duties and taxes are applied at the cost
over 45 EUR
Maximum parcel weight
66 lbs. (30 kg)
The maximum length of the parcel should not exceed
2.0 m
Maximum size: the sum of the perimeter and the maximum length of the parcel must not exceed
3.0 m
Maximum parcel dimensions for Inpost parcel locker:
41 x 38 x 64 cm / 25 kg
Transit time
9 – 15 days

Every package is insured for $60
Any additional insurance will cost 2,5% of the insured value

VAT is calculated on the entire order total, including VAT on shipping costs and duty costs


Calculate shipping cost now

After receiving the weight of the product from the seller, you can estimate the shipping cost of your parcel using this calculator on our website.
The heavier the package, the less you pay per kg.

Address in the U.S.

Copy your US address for shopping

When placing orders enter one of these addresses as your delivery address during checkout . That’s where your purchases will be delivered

New Jersey

250 Port St,
Newark, NJ 07114

No taxes on clothes and shoes!


4 Lewis Circle,
Wilmington, DE 19804

Country AM


Rules and customs documents

Customs Clearance

If your package is held by customs for inspection, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Invoice – a document that accompanies goods moved across the customs border in a parcel, indicates their value and allows them to be identified.
  • Bank statement confirming payment.
  • A customs inspector may require a copy of the recipient’s passport.

If one or more shipments are received in the name of the recipient, the total value of goods in which exceeds the amount equivalent to country’s de minimis value, taxes on imported goods will be charged.

Customs Declaration

A customs declaration is a document that provides customs authorities with information about a package, such as the names and addresses of the sender and recipient, a description of the goods, and the country of origin.

Customs authorities require a complete and accurate description of goods. When detailing the goods in the customs declaration, it is necessary to describe:

  • What is this product?
  • What is the product made of?
  • Physical characteristics of the product in the amount sufficient to unambiguously assign it to the corresponding Harmonized System (HS) code ( TRT will help)
  • What is the purpose of the product? (example – gift)

For example: Parts, Gifts, Textiles or Samples – these descriptions are too vague and cannot be accepted.

Correct description – T-shirts for women made of cotton, 2 pcs.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods. Therefore, it is very important that lithium batteries are properly labeled and have the necessary accompanying documentation.


  • Devices containing no more than two batteries, or four power cells are accepted for air transportation.
  • For example, if the Package contains a laptop with one built-in lithium-ion battery and two lithium-metal button batteries.


  • TRT Express does not except packages containing lithium batteries that are defective, damaged, or recalled for air transportation because they pose a high risk to the safety of people and property.
  • If a laptop, cell phone, or other device is known or suspected to have a defective, damaged, or recalled lithium battery, it should be removed.

Shipping abroad is a process that requires the preparation of a number of supporting documents. TRT Express automatically generates the necessary documents for your shipment based on the information you provide. This makes the process quick and easy for you.